RSS — for Greater Productivity

Here is another post, not directly focused on Health Literacy. While the blog focus is on Health Literacy, there are posts addressing social networking tools – blogs, tagging, RSS. This blog is created at this time to support the learning for the online class I’m taking right now – Learning 2.0@MCR/PCR. This is our fourth week of class and the assignment is to talk about RSS feeds fon our blog – so here it is. Watch for future posts on the topic of Health Literacy.

(Really Simple Syndication)has really changed my work life — productivity has improved greatly. I do remember the days we we had to visit multiple sights, numerous times to stay in touch with new processes, new technology — cutting edge. Use RSS feeds certainly has changed the way I consume information! That is such a gift is this rapidly changing work environment.

A great way to get an introduction to RSS is to watch this short video.
RSS in Plain English (3:43) (Lee Lefever, Common Craft). Our lesson this week explains some of the types of readers. “Readers come in four basic forms: 1) built into a Web browser (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) 2) built into an email program (Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird) 3) as a standalone program that you download (SharpReader or RSSOwl). Reader type number 4 is my preferred kind of reader: a web-based RSS reader, such as My Yahoo or Bloglines and Google Reader that require no software installation and make the user’s RSS feeds available on any computer with Web access.”

I have used Bloglines logofor a year and currently have 59 feeds. I can check weekly to keep up with all these sights – quickly and efficiently. Fifty-nine feeds sounds like a lot, however there aren’t new postings every week on every blog or news feed.

Just think about your own situation. Wouldn’t you like a way to keep up with multiple web sites and news information sources which you visit every day. Change that and set up an account with one of the readers mentioned above. Then watch for the orange symbol on your favorite web sites or news feeds. That will enable you to take a link and subscribe to it. Any updates now become available to you through your reader. Try it, you’ll like it!

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