OK – Why Create a Blog on "Health Literacy"? – Part 2

Health Literacy Awareness… My Experience

My passionate desire to learn all I can about the issues of health literacy began as I attended a Conference in 2004, entitled the New Readers of Iowa’s — “Health and Literacy Working Together”. I met a man named Archie Williard who began to read at the age of 55, living with dyslexia all his life. I soon learned Archie is passionate about the subject of health literacy too. He has a national reputation for his work and dedication in raising awareness of this issue Archie’s story is available at http://www.readiowa.org/archiew.html. You can hear his story for yourself at a podcast HLOL Podcast #3:Archie Willard Talks about Struggling to Read

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in their Health Literacy Executive Summary, “A Prescription to End Confusion,” reports problems in health care today because of poor literacy and communication skills in this country. The Iowa Health and Literacy Working Together Conference addressed many of these issues. Attendees included New Readers, adult literacy instructors, health care professionals and people from organizations addressing health literacy at a national level. The adult learners (new readers) spoke for themselves, and people listened and learned about them and the struggles they face with many things we feel are basic.

Quoting Archie — “The New Readers of Iowa’s “Health and Literacy Working Together” Conference is over. I don’t think there has ever been a state new readers’ conference like this one before. This health and literacy conference could be held up as a model to be used by other states. In the past someone with higher education has spoken for the adult learners. They have talked with us, asked us questions, and have written reports about us. They have gone to Congress and other groups to give their opinions on what they think it’s like for those of us with reading problems.

The next step should be a health literacy summit where adult learners who have experience in health literacy meet face to face with the medical field to build better communications.”

Source: Archie Willard, Adult Learner [reprinted with permission]

I regularly consults the following individuals, blogs, listservs and organizations to raise my awareness of the issues.

· Champ-Blackwell, Siobhan SiobhanChamp-Blackwell@creighton.edu
· CLAStalk-list clastalk-list-bounces@diversityrx.org
· Health Literacy Consulting www.healthliteracy.com
· AMA E-NEWSLETTERS: http://www.ama-assn.org/apps/unity/x-check/getlists.cgi?sid=334FC910-429523
· Partnership for Clear Health Communication paulosf@fleishman.com
. Health Literacy Listserv http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/healthliteracy

watch for Part 3…

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