To Wiki, Or Not to Wiki?

As I’m learning about the use of wikis this week, I am looking at how to use this communication, referred to as “online collaborative authoring“. Is is possible to capture some the vast amount of information emerging on Health Literacy with such a communication resource? First of all, what is a Wiki?

What’s a Wiki?
From the learning content for Library 2.0 –“A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add, remove, and otherwise collaboratively edit and change content that can be quickly published to the web. This ease of interaction and use makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring. Most likely you have already taken a look at the most famous public wiki, Wikipedia, but if you haven’t, take a look; try looking up a subject you know something about to see if it appears complete and accurate.”

When I took a favorite topic of mine — Health Literacy, I saw many familiar resources and information new to me. Many had contributed to the content.

When would you use a wiki?

  • Group collaboration
  • Building a knowledge base: capturing the collective intelligence

Hummm – both those uses would be helpful in organizing and collaborating with colleagues regarding Health Literacy projects. I am currently working with a colleague to plan two presentations for 2009. Other examples given in our Learning 2.0 class “include — ‘internal projects’ ie. grant applications, committee work, policies and procedures. “External projects,’ viewable to the public, might include textbooks, community information, or bibliographies.’ “

Wikis in the library

Great examples were given for library wikis. I reviewed them and they are all well created and maintained. These examples of wikis in libraries and health care were listed:

I encourage you to visit them, as well.

What’s the difference? Choosing the right wiki

The remainder of our lesson included how to choose the right wiki for your project. I found a tool they suggested to compare various wikis Wikimatrixfascinating!.


These resources are great for additional information:

Ok, I’m convinced. To wiki or not to wiki – the answer is “YES”…moving on to create my own wiki!

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