Productivity is ESSENTIAL!

We continue with our Learning 2.0 lessons. This week we are learning about online productivity tools. It is great to know there are alternatives out there which carry many of the same features we have in the work environment – WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. I do not have Microsoft Office on my home computer so this is important to me.

My favorite tool is 30 Boxes – online calendar. I tried the experimental feature of importing events from my Microsoft Office Outlook calendar into 30 Boxes. One of my concerns was whether of not I would have to “populate” two calendars manually. This was found on the 30 Boxes site as part of the instructions to Import. “30 Boxes will process your file and show you the results. You can choose whether or not you want to import each event. When you’re done, click Import, and the events will be slurped into you calendar!” It all slurped!

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