Health Literacy on YouTube

This is my experiment in finding a topic on YouTube — health literacy“. This video is a brief review of the findings from the 2003 IOM Report On Health Literacy.

The process of finding an appropriate video and posting on this blog was VERY easy. I chose this video as it is “on target” for the theme of this blog.

Wikipedia describes Video Blogging or vlogging. I continue to be amazed at the Web 2.0 resources we have available to create learning opportunities for those we serve. There are many applications on library websites — videos posted within tutorials, wikis, blogs or short videos custom-created to address a specific piece of information on a service or resource – to name a few.

I was particularly impressed with another example of vlogging. Flip Video is a resource new to me. Their mission is awesome! WOW – What a great way for non-profit organizations to get the word out about their work. This is from the Flip Video website –


To help nonprofit organizations use the power of video to make the world a better place.

Our Commitment

Deliver one million Flip Video camcorders to qualified nonprofit organizations over the next 5 years.

Our History

Pure Digital Technologies announced the Flip Video Spotlight program in September 2007 at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. We imagine the impact that video would make if every nonprofit organization had a camcorder to tell the world about problems that need to be solved, opportunities that need to be seized, abuses that need to be corrected, and people who need to be extolled.

The Program will distribute Flip Video Ultra camcorders. These are easy-to-use, high-quality devices with on-board software to enable editing, organizing, and video publishing through AOL, YouTube, MySpace, and other popular video sharing sites.”

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