What is Library 2.0 and What Does That Have to Do with Health Literacy?

This is the last week of our course and we have been asked to reflect on Library 2.0 and it’s effects on our work. I also use this post to reflect on how these tools can impact the awareness of health literacy.

It has been debated that libraries have been “doing” Library 2.0, that is, developing and delivering library services collaboratively – always provided in a customer friendly and welcoming. I agree. The difference is the technology available to us has exploded and given us many new opportunities to excel in the way we work collaboratively and provide even better customer friendly services. This is exciting!

Our instructors have provided excellent resources throughout the course, introducing us to many new tools and providing opportunities to explore how these tools can improve our process of delivering excellent service to our clients. There are resources included here which were gathered by our instructors. I have included them in this post to capture them for future reference.


One of my goals, with this blog post, is to reflect on how the course can influence the work of health literacy awareness. The first is obvious because this blog has been created! The motivation was present because of the course assignment. The creation and maintenance has been easy and productive in capturing the work of this course and, most importantly, the tool to introduce health literacy awareness in a new way. I have been able to add photos and podcasts to the blog to enhance information posts. Working with a blog, flickr and podcasts have been my favorite experiences with this course.

I listed to an archived webcast from the Plenary session at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association. I highly recommend viewing it as a great addition to this topic.

Webcast of MLA Plenary Session on Web 2.0 Tools Open to All

The continued development of this blog will be easy. The challenge will be the promotion of the blog and encouragement of customer feedback – always an opportunity/challenge for any library service.

I agree with our course instructors. Yes, libraries of tomorrow – five or ten years from now – will look substantially different from libraries today. It is a privilege to be part of an exciting field, filled with opportunity and promise! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in an exciting adventure in life-long learning!!

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