Commenting on Healthy People 2010 Objectives in the Process of Developing Healthy People 2020

for our US readers…
I received this from the HEALTHYPEOPLE@LIST.NIH.GOV (posted Healthy People 2010 News and Announcements; on behalf of; Davis, Ellis (HHS/OPHS) [Ellis.Davis@HHS.GOV] .

“We invite you to give us your comments and suggestions as part of the collaborative process of building Healthy People 2020. In 2008, feedback was collected on various conceptual aspects and proposals for specific elements, including vision, mission, overarching goals, organizing framework, users, and implementation. General comments were also collected and used to inform the Healthy People 2020 process.

The Healthy People 2020 organizing framework, including the vision, mission and overarching goals, will be released in 2009. The specific objectives, accompanied by strategies for achieving them, will be launched in 2010.

HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 OBJECTIVE DEVELOPMENT PRELIMINARY COMMENT PERIOD. In preparation for the process of creating an initial set of draft objectives for Healthy People 2020, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) is seeking preliminary comments on existing Healthy People 2010 objectives (see As we create the draft objectives for Healthy People 2020, we will consider comments made through the Web site. Such comments should be received by April 24, 2009. This is a preliminary input period that will help inform the development of a set of draft Healthy People 2020 objectives. We are using the existing Healthy People 2010 objectives as a starting point to develop the Healthy People 2020 objectives. A more extensive public comment period on the draft Healthy People 2020 objectives will be conducted through the Web site at a future date.

2009 PUBLIC COMMENT MEETINGS: ODPHP plans to convene three public meetings across the country in late summer early fall to garner additional stakeholder input on the draft Healthy People 2020 objectives. Details on the meetings will be posted on the Web site as they become available.

The public comment Web site will be open throughout the Healthy People 2020 development process, with intermittent submission deadlines that will allow us to compile and analyze comments received by specific points in the process. As development moves forward, additional materials will be posted for comment. For additional information, please contact Osato Iyamu (ODPHP) at”

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