Great Health Literacy Summit in Wisconsin!

This summary appeared recently on the Health Literacy Listserv. Julie Kinney, the List moderator, has given permission to reprint her summary of the Summit on this blog. She makes some great points and offers a “challenge” to us. Thank you Julie!

“I just wanted to tell you about about Wisconsin’s 3rd Health Literacy Summit, in Madison, WI On March 30 and April 1st.

Wisconsin Literacy has been involved in a health literacy initiative for over six years and have already had two previous summits. As a result, they have improved awareness of health literacy tremendously in Wisconsin, forged close and productive relationships between adult literacy programs and health programs, and begun regional health literacy projects all over the state.

In my opinion, this conference was special in a few ways:

1. It had representation from a wider variety of fields than I have usually seen at health literacy events, including literacy practitioners, physicians, public health officials, state and local politicians, nurses, hospital administrators, funders, refugee advocates, librarians,researchers, and many others. (That was in no particular order.)

2. It included examples of promising practices, and unique projects in Wisconsin and all over the country, but it did more than this. It had a big presence from another, newer health literacy coalition, which was formed a couple years ago in Missouri. So it was, in a way, a coalition of coalitions!

3. Where most health literacy conferences aim to convince us that health literacy is an important issue to address, this one went a step beyond that. It helped give us ways to convince others and bring new partners on board. For example, Dr. Paul Smith calculated that if we each get 3 people in 3 months to buy in to the idea of health literacy, and continue on like that (train-the-trainer concept), then we can have to entire world population on board in 16 months!

Ok, so let’s go! Get working on your three people!

For more info:


You can See the Agenda and Webcast here:

You can learn more about Wisconsin Literacy and their first two summits at this site:”


Julie McKinney

Health Literacy List Moderator

World Education

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