Twenty Years Together: The New Readers of Iowa

I saw a familiar name on the Health Literacy Listserv this morning. Julie McKinney, the list moderator posted a story on behalf of Archie Williard. I first met Archie when the New Readers of Iowa sponsored a Health Literacy Symposium earlier in this decade. Archie is a long-time spokesperson for literacy and it’s impact of the health of our citizens. He has worked tirelessly to raise awareness in Iowa and around the United States. We celebrate this milestone with Archie and the New Readers of Iowa!

Here is Julie’s post on behalf of Archie.

I’m passing this on for Archie Willard. Please read on for a story of hope! ~Julie

Twenty Years Together

Twenty years is a long time for a group of adult students? and former adult students to stay together as a group, but that’s what’s happened in Iowa on May 16. The New Readers of Iowa (TNRI) came together back in 1990 for the first time. Its hard to look back and understand what we were like then as adult students. We were adults who had been robbed of our joy in life because we could not read well. We have grown and learned together through the years. One lady from TNRI asked me to tell you ?she used to be ashamed not to know how to read. Now I’m not ashamed anymore?. She has come along ways as an adult student. As a group we
have given back what we learned to others who are struggling with reading. There are a lot of things I could say about TNRI and the things we have done in the past, but the biggest gift we have given to others is HOPE. After being together for so many years many of us express the joy of living life by the way we our living.

At the end of our conference we had some open time and we went over something’s that we have covered in our past conferences and the one thing we keep coming back to was the three health literacy conferences that we had. Because of the health literacy conferences some of us have worked with different medical groups and have presented at their meetings, conferences, and we are on some of their committees. We are going to meet again this fall to talk about health literacy and how we can work together to bring understanding to others with poor reading skills and to work with medical people on how we can communicate better.

There was a lot of energy in that room they could see that this is a way to give back

In the past at our New Readers of Iowa conferences we have made a statement: We wish the conference and convection on The Right to Literacy June 11-13 success.

Archie Willard
Adult Learner
Health Literacy Advocate

Julie McKinney
Health Literacy List Moderator
World Education

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