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I  found this [posted on the BHIC Blog for June 11th].

“Americans’ pursuit of health takes place within a widening network of both online and offline sources. Whereas someone may have in the past called a health professional, their Mom, or a good friend, they now are also reading blogs, listening to podcasts, updating their social network profile, and posting comments. And many people, once they find health information online, talk with someone about it offline. This Pew Internet/California HealthCare survey finds that technology is not an end, but a means to accelerate the pace of discovery, widen social networks, and sharpen the questions someone might ask when they do get to talk to a health professional. Technology can help to enable the human connection in health care and the Internet is turning up the information network’s volume. [posted on the Benton Foundation Newsletter Issue June 11, 2009 ]

Access the report from teh pew Internet & American Life Project “The Social Life of Health Information” by Susannah Fox at

The Internet has certainly changed our lives.       How has it changed the lives of those with low literacy skills?   How has it affected the health literacy of those individuals?

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  1. Matt Gayer says:

    I think the most obvious answer is that the increase of health information via the Internet or other electronic vehicles has down helped and hurt the low literacy population. While these modes of communication may have increased the amount of information and access points to it, it is questionable the actual benefit. Many people with low literacy also have low computer literacy. They may not be able to adequaely access or utilize these resources, and definitely will have issues with finding quality and accurate information. I would be interested to hear if any one is involved in a community health literacy program maybe revolving around using health information available on the Internet or computer.

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