One of the Most Valuable Resources…

One of the most valuable resources in understanding the many issues of  HL is the Health and Literacy Discussion List , moderated by Julie McKinney;  Health Literacy List Moderator; World Education I save the postings to review and reflect on the weekly topics discussed.    There are many who contribute thought-provoking dialogue and  raise interesting points to the benefit to all who subscribe.      I highly recommend subscribing, if you aren’t already a participant.

Here are some miscellaneous links from a previous discussion “Send Us Your Links” – with most focusing on development  of easy-to-read resources.      These are well worth passing along today. (Clear and Simple) (Simply Put)

Beyond the Brochure: Alternative Approaches to Effective Health Communication: A Guidebook

Clear & Simple: Developing Effective Print Materials for Low-Literate Readers

Developing Easy-to-Read Patient Education Materials

Developing Easy-to-Read Patient Education Materials PowerPoint presentation

Developing Patient/Client Health Information

Guidelines for Developing Easy-to-Read Health Education Materials

Guidelines for Preparing Patient Education Handouts

How to Create and Assess Print Materials

Patient and Family Education Materials Development Kit

Patient Education

Patient Education Materials: An Author’s Guide

Health Literacy Style manual:

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