Share Your Story for Health Literacy Month

posted on the BHIC blog:

Think of the time you first knew that health literacy mattered. This realization may have come from an event, interaction, or experience you had perhaps as a patient, family member, friend, student, teacher, librarian, or health professional. Now go to the Health Literacy Month website to find how to can share your story through their website, email, twitter, facebook…

Are you at a community organization or library? How about helping people you serve send their story in. Have an event at your place where you bring people together to talk about their experiences and help them put it in writing and photos!

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1 Response to Share Your Story for Health Literacy Month

  1. kmacdoug says:

    The University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries just finished a LibGuide toolkit created for the health professional who wants to: 1. Improve communication with patients and others 2. Teach themselves or other health professionals about health literacy and clear communication

    Please feel free to share with others or contact us with feedback.

    Kate MacDougall

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