Health Literacy Month – Submit Your Stories

Old-fashioned story-telling with new-fangled technology . . . this is what October’s Health Literacy Month 2009 is about!

With the current economic conditions, the talk of health-care changes, and many of us not quite sure what the future holds for our organizations, there is one thing we can all be certain of:

the importance of health literacy.

Join the others who have submitted their health literacy stories – how they realized the importance of health literacy and its impact on themselves, their work, or their community.     hlmo_logo

Spread awareness – use your voice to share and let others know and understand the importance of this issue. Your voice can be in the form of a written essay, a video, photography, an audio recording, or whatever format that best conveys your passion!

This is what to do:
Think of the time you realized health literacy mattered. Perhaps it was one major experience or perhaps it developed over time. Or, you may wish to share an example of the importance of health literacy by how it changed a person or a person’s life.
Whatever your story and format, please include –

  • Character, who this happened to
  • Setting, where and when this took place
  • Obstacle, barrier or problem
  • Resolution, what happened, how overcome
  • Call to action, lessons learned along the way

During the month of October there will be 31 days of health literacy stories posted on the Health Literacy Web site, there will be tweets on Twitter, and blogging on our blog. Go to to learn more about Health Literacy Month.
There are only 31 days in October!! Send us your story now, the next deadline being August 15th, so you are considered for one of the remaining story slots!

Submit your story to

health literacy . . . what’s your story?

Thanks for sharing! – the Health Literacy Month 2009 team

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