Release of NAAL Technical Report

Today the National Center for Education Statistics released a new report, Technical Report and Data File User’s Manual for the  2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy.  The report details information on the development and implementation of the 2003 NAAL.  Key sections of the report include information on the development of survey instruments, field test and main assessment sample design, assessment items and scoring rubrics, data collection process and quality of the data, weighting, scaling, treatment of missing data, and data analysis.

Other sections of the report include technical information on the:

  1. development of NAAL innovative additions–Fluency Addition to NAAL (FAN) and Adult Literacy Supplement Assessment (ALSA);
  2. types and dimensions of the health literacy cognitive items;
  3. data collection and data analysis in the US correctional institutions;
  4. a user’s manual on how to use statistical programs for  analyzing NAAL data.

To view the full report please visit NAAL web site at: NCES.Ed.GOV/NAAL

Jaleh Behroozi Soroui

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