Health is Focus of March, 2010 Issue of ABLE Journal

[HealthLiteracy 4083]  listserv posting for 2/12/10

The March issue of the Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal focuses on health and health literacy. The issue will be mailed March 1. If you would like to subscribe (3 issues per year) or order a copy of that issue, please call (888) 442-6223 now or go to and click on “ABEL Journal” at the top of the page. The journal is co-published by ProLiteracy and the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE).

Articles include the following:


Health Literacy: Can We Live Without It? By Priscilla G. Witte

Promoting Health Literacy Through GED Testing by Amanda L. Golbeck, Jan LaBonty, Angelia M. Paschal, Margaret Harris, Kerry E. Ryan,and Craig A. Molgaard

Adults Living with Limited Literacy and Chronic Illness: Patient Education Experiences by Judy King and Maurice C. Taylor

Determining Readability: How to Select and Apply Easy-to-Use Readability Formulas to Assess the Difficulty of Adult Literacy Materials by Victoria Burke and Daphne Greenberg [applicable to all materials, including health-related materials]


Building Successful Partnerships in Health Literacy by Susan McIntyre, Helen Dale, and Carol Gabler

Health Literacy Web Sites, edited by David J. Rosen


A Health Literacy Resource for ESOL Teachers: Staying Healthy: An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living (Learner’s Guide and Teacher’s Guide) by Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, Martha A. Lane, Julie McKinney, Jordana Frost, and Gregory Smith

Linda Church
Associate Director of Special Projects
315.422.9121 x356

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