Injury Prevention & Health Literacy–Materials

I have been reviewing an Outlook  file of postings and found this post on the Health Literacy listserv.     These articles may benefit your work with patients.

Eileen Miller wrote,

“I found some articles that appear to link literacy and injury prevention.
Breslin, F. C. (2008). Educational status and work injury among young people: refining the targeting of prevention resources. Can J Public Health, 99(2), 121-124.
Powell, E. C., Tanz, R. R., Uyeda, A., Gaffney, M. B., & Sheehan, K. M. (2000). Injury prevention education using pictorial information. Pediatrics, 105(1), e16.
Tothy, A., Wiltsek, D. L., & Sheehan, K. (2009). Partnering with mutual aid associations to provide home injury prevention. Fam Community Health, 32(2), 101-104.
Trifiletti, L. B., Shields, W. C., McDonald, E. M., Walker, A. R., & Gielen, A. C. (2006). Development of injury prevention materials for people with low literacy skills. Patient Educ Couns, 64(1-3), 119-127.
Yasenchak, P. A., & Bridle, M. J. (1993). A low-literacy skin care manual for spinal cord injury patients. Patient Educ Couns, 22(1), 1-5.”

posted by: Eileen Miller, MPH; NCEC Grant Manager; Department of Public Health Education; University of North Carolina – Greensboro; PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Phone: 336-334-9814
Fax: 336-334-3238

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