Healthcare 411 en Español:

This was recently posted by Dana Abbey on the Medical Librarians [MCMLA-L@LISTSERV.KUMC.EDU]; on behalf of; MidContinental Region News [rml4@RML4.UTAH.EDU]   It is encouraging to learn of another important AHRQ effort to be bring reliable health information, in the interest of improving health literacy for minority populations!


Healthcare 411 en Español is a new audio news series that provides Spanish speakers with evidence-based consumer information. AHRQ is producing two 60-second audio reports each month that help Spanish speakers stay healthy, prevent diseases, compare the effectiveness of various medical treatments, and obtain high-quality and safe health care. AHRQ distributes theses reports to Spanish-language radio stations nationwide and posts the audio to its Healthcare 411 Web site, where consumers can subscribe and download the segments to a computer or portable media device such as an MP3 player.

The new initiative is part of a broader effort by AHRQ to reduce health disparities by providing information to Spanish-speaking Americans about their health and health care. Other elements in the effort include:

  • Consejos de salud para tí (Health Advice for You) a monthly online health advice column.
  • Staying Active and Healthy With Blood Thinners, a 10-minute bilingual video about the safe and effective use of blood thinner drugs:
  • Superhéroes, a multimedia Spanish-language public service advertising campaign developed in partnership with Ad Council  that urges Hispanics to get the preventive health care tests they need.

These and other resources for Spanish-speakers, can be found at: You can access Healthcare 411 in English at: [da]

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