Health Literacy Resources

This information was posted on the BHIC Blog. Adds Audio to Website
At the top of each article on (whether for parents, kids, or
teens) there is a speaker button which, when activated, has a voice read the article. There are about 10,000 articles on KidsHealth in English and Spanish, and the audio is available in both languages. [HealthLiteracy listserv]

Health Equity and Prevention Primer (HEPP)
The primer from Prevention Insititute packages a number of our effective tools for community-based prevention–like the Two Steps to Prevention framework, The Spectrum of Prevention and Collaboration Multiplier–along with research and case examples from across the country, into an easy-to-access, online training format. Informed by national leaders in health equity, public health department staff and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Primer provides a rich array of resources to support learning, exploration and implementation. Continuing education credits are available for each hour of self-directed training.

“Asking Your Way to Great Health” online video
Going to the doctor can be a stressful experience for many people. It can be even more overwhelming when the doctor’s diagnosis is confusing or poorly understood, especially for an adult struggling with low literacy skills. The solution to this problem is simple if people know what to say. Through a partnership with the Humana Foundation,  the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) helped create a health literacy video to address this very important issue. [HealthLiteracy listserv]

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