Resources for World No Tobacco Day: May 31st

This was posted on the Health Literacy listserv by Julie McKinny; Health Literacy List Moderator; World Education;
National Institute for Literacy; Health and Literacy mailing list;

Thank you for this information, Julie!

“Hi Everyone,

I’ve been correcting papers lately from students who have written about lung cancer, which they have chosen as a health topic because they have family or friends who have fought it or died from it. People are always surprised to learn that lung cancer kills far more people each year than breast cancer, yet the public health messages about it are much less visible than breast cancer messages.

I have also been out and about noticing how many young people smoke. So when I got a message from Journeyworks Publishing about World No Tobacco Day, I thought it might be a good thing to share with our students and patients. Journeyworks puts out a lot of health related material that is written at a low literacy level, and they have some new brochures out about smoking, particularly among women and girls, which is the focus of this year’s World No Tobacco Day.

Many of us on this list are in a position to promote this information in an effective and health literate way, so I thought I’d suggest doing a project, outreach effort or some kind of promotion for World No Tobacco day. Please share any resources or projects with the list!

Here are some resources:

About this year’s World No Tobacco Day

The Tobacco and Literacy Education Project Three health literacy lessons designed for ABE/GED instruction provide compelling information about the hazards of tobacco use while teaching basic literacy skills. Each lesson comes complete with lesson overview, multiple learning activities, teacher notes, and answer keys.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Collection of booklets and fact sheets, many are easy-to-read and available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Filipino.

Direct Link:

Home Page:

Kick the Smoking Habit

A one-page fact sheet and multimedia presentation, available in English, Spanish, Bosnian, and Somali.

Fact sheet:


Home Page:

Smoking: The Facts

MedlinePlus Interactive Tutorial


Just passing this on.”

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