New Tool For Those With Difficulty Reading Health Information

Here is additional information on the new tool recently posted on   The tool is intended to help those you may have difficulty reading.     A great resource is now every better!

This information is posted by Neil Izenberg, M.D.; Editor-in-Chief/Founder,; Nemours Center for Children’s Health Media Nemours Foundation;

“At the top of each article on (whether for parents, kids, or

teens) there is a speaker button which, when activated, has a voice read the article. There are about 10,000 articles on KidsHealth in English and Spanish. While not “perfect” the reading technology has greatly improved over the last few years – and the result works pretty well.  Where a given word is mispronounced, we can get that corrected.

Here’s an example; though you could go to just about any article to try it.

The content in Spanish on also has a similar read button – also for parents, kids, and teens.

If you have any comments, I’d love to hear them.”

Here is additional information about KidsHealth, shared by the National Institute for Literacy

About KidsHealth® is the #1 site devoted to children’s health and development in English and Spanish. Each year, about 200 million parents, kids, and teens turn to for expert answers, making it the Web’s most-accessed site on children’s health. has been honored as one of the 30 Best Websites by U.S. News & World Report, one of the 50 Coolest Websites by TIME magazine, and the Best Family Health Site “For  Moms” by Good Housekeeping. KidsHealth also creates KidsHealth in the Classroom, a free website for educators featuring standards-based health curricula, activities, and handouts. KidsHealth comes from Nemours, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit pediatric health systems and a founding member of the Partnership for a Healthier America, a national movement led by First Lady Michelle Obama to solve the childhood obesity challenge. For more information about KidsHealth, please visit”

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