New Multilingual Health Information Materials

The following announcement was posted on the CAPHIS listserv by Mary Alice Gillispie, MD; Healthy Roads Media, Director; ; Tel 406-556-5877

“Healthy Roads Media (with the help of many partners) has created some new free multilingual materials.  First, there is a set of Pap Test Result materials in English and Spanish.  These materials cover the meaning normal and abnormal results as well as explaining what a colposcopy is.  The Bethesda system which is used to describe abnormal test results is confusing and it is hoped that these simplified materials might be helpful.  The development of these materials has been possible with the support from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine – Pacific Northwest Region.  These new materials can be found in the “Medical Tests” topic area

Also, there are new materials that deal with reading medication labels.  It has been available in English and is now available in Somali and Karen. It is made possible through partnership with a collaborative team from New York (Edward G. Miner Library, University of Rochester and Rochester Committee on Refugee Resettlement).   This material is based on the Staying Healthy document by the Florida Literacy coalition.  It can be found in the “Medicines” topic area

The materials are all available in multiple formats to help provide access in varied settings, to address literacy challenges, and to help meet various learning styles.  As usual, any comments or suggestions about these materials would be much appreciated as it helps to guide future work.  Also, we would love to be able to have more materials in more topics and languages so please consider partnering with us to help to both continue to develop these materials, improve them and to keep them free!”
– Mary Alice

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