AHRQ Spanish Podcasts and Videocasts Available

Thank you, Siobhan, for posting these links on the BHIC Blog.    This is great information for our Spanish speaking clients/patients.

Escoja a Su Médico: Choosing a Doctor. This 60-second podcast offers listeners suggestions for ways to select a doctor who meets their medical needs. You can listen to the Podcast at: http://healthcare411.ahrq.gov/radiocastes.aspx?id=627

Comparación de Medicamentos para la Presión: Comparing Blood Pressure Medicines. This  60-second podcast gives listeners guidance on balancing blood pressure medications’ benefits with their side effects and cost. You can listen to the Podcast at: http://healthcare411.ahrq.gov/radiocastes.aspx?id=644

Manténgase Activo y Saludable con los Diluyentes de la Sangre: Staying Active and Healthy: Blood Thinners. This 11-minute videocast educates patients on safe and effective use of “blood thinner” or anticoagulant drugs. You can watch this Videocast at: http://www.healthcare411.ahrq.gov/videocast.aspx?id=556

For other Spanish language Podcasts and consumer information, go to: http://www.ahrq.gov/consumer/espanoix.htm

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