2010 North Carolina Health Literacy Conference – Call for Poster Abstracts

2010 North Carolina Health Literacy Conference

The Keys to Unlocking Health Literacy

Call for Poster Abstracts

Submission Deadline: July 19, 2010

The North Carolina Health Literacy Council has issued a Call for Poster Abstracts for its First Annual Health Literacy Conference.  This conference is a two-day meeting featuring plenary and break-out sessions and a Poster Session for research and program implementation related to health literacy.

Researchers or those who have created and implemented an innovative program and who wish to present a poster should read the information below carefully.

Conference attendees include health educators, nurses, physicians, dentists, dietitians, researchers, writers, librarians, administrators, academics, and others.

General Information

Poster Session:   The Poster Session will be held Tuesday night September 21, 2010 from 5 – 7PM during which time presenters must be at their boards.

Registration:         Presenters must be registered attendees of the conference.

Materials:             Presenters may provide handout materials to support their presentations. Presenters are responsible for all their own materials. Tables on which to put any handout materials will be in very limited supply, so plan accordingly.


July 19, 2010         Submission deadline

August 3, 2010      Notification on acceptance decisions sent via e-mail

Poster Guidelines

Size of Board

The poster will be mounted on an air wall. Most presenters orient their presentation in landscape format (48″ tall x 56″ wide maximum), but the decision is yours. We suggest that your display be printed on paper or lightweight poster board that can be easily attached to the walls.  You can use Velcro or tape to secure your poster, but we strongly recommend the use of Velcro.  Velcro allows for easy set-up and removal.  Although we will have some Velcro and tape available, we strongly suggest you bring your own Velcro or tape to facilitate the mounting process.

Criteria for Evaluating Submissions

Posters may present information on research findings or program implementation and results.

Abstracts are evaluated on:

Substance and clarity of content

Relevance and timeliness in terms of health literacy practice/issues

Specificity and practicality

Clarity of writing and presentation;  and

Appropriateness to session format.

Abstract Format:

Please describe the project using the following suggested headings or similar headings that are appropriate to your project.  Abstract is limited to 2 pages.

Project Title:

Project Dates:

Project Team:




PROJECT DESCRIPTION (including objectives and approach):


Submit Abstract to: Kristin Stout at KBStout@uncg.edu
Kristin Stout
Community Outreach Coordinator
Health Literacy Associate
Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships
3607 Moore Humanities & Research Administration
1111 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC  27402
website: nchealthliteracy.uncg.edu

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