EthicsShare – Free Ethics Resource

As I was going back through older e-mail messages this morning I discovered this regarding an ethics resource.    The information was shared by one of our library consortium members —     Jeanne M. Burke, MLIS, M.Ed. ICON Education Committee;; from Creighton University Health Sciences Library in Omaha, NE.    She wrote.

“There is an excellent new web ethics resource called “EthicsShare” at  This site is sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Council on Library and Information Resources.  EthicsShare allows searching for a wide variety of information types that include articles, blogs, books, digital objects, popular literature, etc….  Individuals can also sign up for an account will provide them with access to additional tools for information organization and collaboration.

A really helpful feature is the “Find a Library” link which is displayed with each record in your search results.  Organizations, like Creighton, that have a compatible system, will be able use the link to directly check their library holdings.”

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