Use Comix Strips for Literacy Programs
Beginning July 26, each week will post a new theme or topic for students to create a comic strip with the comic strip generator. After reviewing all submissions, a sample to post on MakeBeliefsComix Facebook wall. The theme for the first week is:  A Day In Your Life: What’s Happening? See more information at:

The educational online comic strip site also has added another feature that enables users to post their comic strips on their very own Facebook walls.   Those who create a comic strip and send it to themselves will receive an email with two links: one to view and print the comic, and the other allowing them to post  the comic to their Facebook wall to share with friends and family.

Since was launched four years ago, over 2 million people from 175 countries have visited this free educational resource. Google and UNESCO  named it as among the world’s most innovative web sites that encourage reading and literacy and they won the Parents’ Choice Foundation’s Recommended Award.  This year the American Library Association selected MakeBeliefsComix  for its  annual ‘’Great Web Sites for Kids ’’  listing. The site offers 80 different characters, blank talk and thought balloons to be filled in with text, story prompts and printables, and accepts text in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Latin.

The  site is used by educators to teach language, reading and writing skills in an easy, fun way.  It also is used by  students in English as a Second Language programs to facilitate self-expression and storytelling, as well as to gain computer literacy.  Some educational therapists use the online comics  for children with autism or for those who are deaf to help them understand concepts and communicate. Parents and children also can create stories together, print them to create comic books or email them to friends. There also are printables and writing prompts on the site.

Bill Zimmerman;


[posted on the Health Literacy listserv]

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