Missouri Health Literacy Classes: Sign Up Now!

For those who may be in Missouri this September – November. , this was posted on the Medical Librarians [MCMLA-L@LISTSERV.KUMC.EDU]; on behalf of; MidContinental Region News [rml4@RML4.UTAH.EDU]

“These workshops are designed to raise awareness about health literacy and to provide an open discussion of its impact on individuals, organizations and society.  Sessions will focus on the concept of health literacy, the emergence of health literacy as a significant social issue, and utilize interactive discussions to explore how communication impacts individuals’ understanding and behavior.

Participants will gain useful techniques for understanding and addressing communication, relationships between health professionals and patients, economic implications for society, exchange of health information messages and public health policy. Role play scenarios will be used to conceptualize individuals’ perceptions and understanding of health literacy and identify the multiple roles that individuals play in this equation.  This process will engage participants and lay the foundation for understanding health literacy.

We will introduce significant health literacy resources (including the Health Literacy Missouri Library and National Library of Medicine products) and discuss the role that health information resources play in health literacy, define criteria for evaluating health literacy information and rate it for quality, evidence based content, and audience appropriateness.

The workshop will conclude with a planning discussion on how health literacy concepts and information can be incorporated in your community.

Register now!  The schedule of classes is:

St. Louis  –  September 8, 2010

Sikeston –  September 10, 2010

Springfield – September 27, 2010

Kansas City – September 28, 2010

St. Joseph – September 29, 2010

Moberly – November 4, 2010”

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