Resources for Seniors

The following resources have been developed to make life easier for Seniors.     The first was found in an announcement from the Kansas Rural Health Information Service (KRHIS).      The second was an announcement from the National Library of Medicine.

Fall Prevention Toolkit
A newly released toolkit has information and advice for everyone. It is useful for people who are fit and active as well as people who have issues with mobility or are worried about falling.
The toolkit covers the top four risk factors for falling and steps you can take to improve in each area. The most effective strategies to prevent falling involves taking action to:
1) Improve your strength, balance and mobility
2) Identify vision problems
3) Assess your medicines
4) Make your home safer

Updated Training Modules Now Available – NIHSeniorHealth
Updated training modules have been added to the National Institute on Aging’s Toolkit for Trainers, a free resource that can be used to help older adults find reliable online health information on their own. The Toolkit offers free lesson plans, student handouts, glossaries, trainer tools and an introductory video and can be used in libraries, senior centers, community colleges, and retirement communities. The updates appear in modules 6-8 and reflect recent design changes to MedlinePlus, one of the websites featured in the training.

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