Easy To Read Medical Terms

A question was recently posted on the CAPHIS listserv asking about a resource to define medical terms.    Peg Allen; Owner/Consultant at Health Knowledge Consultants identified the following resource.    Peg said:

“Last week, University of Michigan Taubman Medical Library won the MLA Midwest Chapter’s Jean Sayre Innovation Award for their Plain Language Medical Dictionary widget at http://www.lib.umich.edu/plain-language-dictionary.

It is based on CDC document, Plain Language Thesaurus for Health Communications, which I found online at http://depts.washington.edu/respcare/public/info/Plain_Language_Thesaurus_for_Health_Communications.pdf

More on how to use this widget is described in Patricia Andersen’s blog at http://etechlib.wordpress.com/2010/09/17/plain-language-medical-dictionary-igoogle-gadgets-beyond-google/.  You can easily add to your iGoogle page (and more)…

Congratulations to the University of Michigan and PF Anderson for bringing this to our attention!”

Thanks much – PEg

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