Federal Report Highlights Racial Disparities in Health

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Federal Report Highlights Racial Disparities in Health http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/14/health/14cdc.html

By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr.<http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/m/donald_g_jr_mcneil/index.html?inline=nyt-per>

“To shed more light on the ills of America’s poor – and occasionally its rich – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention<http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/organizations/c/centers_for_disease_control_and_prevention/index.html?inline=nyt-org> on Thursday released its first report detailing racial disparities<http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/pdf/other/su6001.pdf> in a broad array of health problems.”


A few highlights:

“The agency did not delve into why suffering is so disproportionate, other than to note the obvious: that the poor, the uninsured and the less educated tend to live shorter, sicker lives. (Some illnesses were also broken down by income level, by region, by age or by sex, but the main focus was on racial differences.)…

  • Babies born to black women are up to three times as likely to die in infancy as those born to women of other races.
  • More than 80 percent of all suicides are committed by whites, but young American Indian adults have the highest suicide rates by far – 25 per 100,000 population at age 21, compared with 14 for whites, 10 for blacks and 8 for Asians and Hispanics.

  • Compared with whites, blacks have double the rate of “preventable hospitalizations,” which cost about $7 billion a year.
  • People in Utah, Connecticut and North Dakota report the most “healthy days” per month – about 22. People in West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee report the fewest, about 17.

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