InBrief: The Foundations of Lifelong Health

My attention was drawn to this video through a post on the BHIC Blog.

The video gives a great overview of many of the issues which face us today in bringing life-long change in the nation’s health – change which begins for our youngest in society.

Another librarian said this – “In this seven minute presentation, you’ll find how researches from the fields of neuroscience, biology, and public health present the tangible links between what goes on inside our bodies to how that’s impacted on our health throughout our lives.    As a librarian – and an advocate for literacy and health literacy – I was particularly thrilled to see libraries on the list of important resources that contribute to our health. So…support your local library! Support your community. It’s good for your health” [posting by Michelle Helliwell, Librarian ]



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One Response to InBrief: The Foundations of Lifelong Health

  1. Thanks for this short but concise post. Indeed, the success of health literacy lies in the frequency and reach/access of the dissemination of information. Libraries are a great help. Good to know, lots of libraries are increasing their books to contribute in health literacy.

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