Resources for Nurses

The following announcements were posted on the BHIC Blog.

New Website for Nurses is One-Stop Shop on Environmental Health
The EnviRN Knowledge Network is the new one-stop-shop for nurses who are interested in ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH and it was just launched on February 14th. The American Nurses Association has just established an environmental health practice standard for all nurses – firmly placing environmental health in our professional domain. EnviRN is not just a website – it is also an active learning environment in which we can interchangeably be both teacher and a learner. It is a site for gathering essential environmental health information from experts; connecting with nursing researchers, and creating your very own blog posts on an area of interest to you.

Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design (NIHD)
The Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design (NIHD) was recently launched as a not-for-profit nursing association to educate and inspire nurse leaders about their role in healthcare design and construction. Members of NIHD receive access to articles, research, and data about healthcare design, as well as peer education and mentoring.  It invites nurses to collaborate and engage in the design of their work environment.  NIHD also offers consultation, data collection, and analysis and education for the healthcare design community.

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