St. Patrick’s Day ~ More Than Green

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This seems to be a day for many posts.     My friend, Lydia Zuidema,  posted this for her students, on Facebook yesterday.   She is the Superintendent of the St. Joseph Christian School, in St. Joseph, MO.    I appreciated her perspective and wanted to share it with you — posted with her permission.   May it inspire you today!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for Christians should involve more than talking about leprechauns and shamrocks, pinching people who forget to wear green, and eating corned beef and cabbage! Patrick’s story ought to quicken our spirit…s and encourage even the weakest of us in our faith (P.S. This month’s character trait is strength of character—force of character).

His ministry perfectly reflects what we desire to see happen through the lives of our SJCS students. To read an action-packed adventure of this true-life Christian hero, check out the real story of St. Patrick. I found the following website to be a great place to start: If your children are old enough to read, have one of them read the story aloud to the family. They’ll love it.

Consider the six long years he spent as a slave in Ireland and how he later came to understand how God used it for good.   Reflect upon Patrick’s writing and examine his prayer life. What courage Patrick had in his God as he confronted demonic forces time and time again…and won.

Through Patrick’s influence, churches and schools sprang up all over Ireland, preserving, many scholars believe, Christian civilization itself during the Middle Ages.

Before Patrick died on March 17, about 460 AD, he wrote these words about his ministry: “Those who never had a knowledge of God but worshiped idols and things impure, have now become a people of the Lord, sons of God.” [I]

May we meld Patrick’s vision with our own here at SJCS; may the Lord raise up “Patricks” among us to impact their world for Him!   Mrs. Zuidema   [I] (htt)

By:St. Joseph Christian School

SJCS is a non-denominational, private Christian school that serves Pre-K through 12th grade students from the Northwest Missouri/Northeast Kansas area.

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