Health Literacy Systematic Review of the Literature

The following appeared as [HealthLiteracy 5555] on the HealthLiteracy listserv, by Nancy Berkman.

“The new AHRQ-sponsored health literacy systematic review, completed by the RTI-UNC Evidence-based Practice Center was released yesterday.  The link is below.

An Evidence Report, Health Literacy Interventions and Outcomes—An Updated Systematic Review has been posted.”

Nancy D. Berkman, Ph.D.
Senior Health Policy Research Analyst
Program on Health Care Quality and Outcomes
Division of Health Services and Social Policy Research
RTI International
P.O. Box 12194
3040 Cornwallis Road
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709-2194

Telephone: 919.541.8773
Fax: 919.990.8454

We have also seen the following posted on the [CLAStalk-list] , which further explains the Report.

“The report reviews 81 studies addressing health outcomes (reported in 95 articles including 86 measuring health literacy and 16 measuring numeracy, of which 7 measure both) and 42 studies (reported in 45 articles) addressing interventions.

Learn how the the field of health literacy has advanced by viewing Health Literacy Interventions and Outcomes”

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