Schools and Colleges to Participate in April Earthquake Drill

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Secretaries Napolitano, Duncan Call on Schools and Colleges to Participate in April Earthquake Drill

WASHINGTON – Today U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called on K-12 schools and colleges and universities across the central U.S. – and throughout the country – to help their students, faculty, and communities prepare for earthquakes by participating in a public earthquake drill on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Eleven states in the New Madrid Seismic Zone are participating in the drill, the “Great Central U.S. ShakeOut,” which takes place at 10:15 am central time. Anyone can register to participate, whether at school, at work, or at home; to date, over two million Americans have signed up. As the Secretaries highlight in their letter, participating in the Shakeout drill is simple – and anyone can participate. Schools and colleges can sign up at http://w!, which has instructions and resources to support educators, community groups and individuals interested in conducting the ShakeOut.

In addition, the Department of Education’s Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center provides guidance to help schools and communities can plan for, respond to, and recover from a disaster such as an earthquake. For more information, visit: .

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