mHealth Evidence Call for White Papers

The following was posted on the BHIC Blog.
Deadline: May 27, 2011
Mobile health (mHealth) has the potential to simultaneously reduce the cost of health care and improve our health by encouraging healthy behaviors, providing continuous monitoring to prevent or reduce health problems, reducing acute health care visits, and providing personalized, real-time intervention in the mobile environment. However, traditional methods of evaluation needed to address efficacy and safety in mHealth are not well aligned to the pace of technological development.

This is a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, McKesson Foundation, the National Science Foundation and the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research at NIH. White papers are being requested on alternative research designs to the traditional randomized control trial that could be applied to mHealth intervention research or in analyses of rich longitudinal data sets that could be applied to analyzing the data obtained from mHealth applications.

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One Response to mHealth Evidence Call for White Papers

  1. This is truly exciting…mHealth has immense possibilities in developing countries like India where teledensity is increasing exponentially.

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