Website Launch – The New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition

The following was an announcement from Cynthia Jay, representing the New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition.

“Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pride, passion and satisfaction that we announce the launch of the New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition’s (NJHLC) website at  …Thank you for all your support and interest in NJHLC.  We look forward to collaborating with you now and in the future.”

For Immediate Release

Contact:     Cynthia Jay;   201-798-4702;

The New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition Launches Website

Organization Works to Improve Health Outcomes through Clear Communication

New Jersey – June 20, 2011 –  The New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition (NJHLC), a 501c3 organization, launched its website today to provide insight, share resources and help inspire all those interested in improving health literacy on behalf of individuals and families.  NJHLC’s innovative statewide initiatives are helping position New Jersey as a regional leader committed to reducing health literacy barriers.  As the first of its kind in the state, the New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition works to reduce the gap between the literacy demands of health systems and the actual health literacy skills of patients, health care professionals and individuals.

“This ultimately results in improved access to health care, positive health outcomes, reduced disparities, and decreased costs which are what we want for New Jersey,” said Dr. Phil Bonaparte, Chairman of the Board for NJHLC, and Vice President, Clinical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer Horizon NJ Health.

Health literacy allows people to make decisions and take actions that promote and maintain their health, but many individuals have difficulty trying to understand health information that is written and spoken. NJHLC is working to improve communication between health care professionals (HCPs), health care systems, patients, and the public.  The organization provides training, services and resources to help HCPs, companies and organizations create a culture of plain language.  This assists these stakeholders in presenting health information clearly and effectively.

Some highlights of NJHLC’s website include: what’s going on in New Jersey, as well as nationally, around health literacy; a “Words of the Week” feature that translates medical jargon and terminology into “plain English;” programs and services offered and upcoming trainings; and stories of success that relate how health literacy impacts lives.  The use of Feedzilla’s RSS feed will let people know what the latest studies and outcomes are that support the importance of health literacy for advancing local, state, national, and global public health.

About the New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition

The New Jersey Health Literacy Coalition (NJHLC) is a 501c3 organization committed to improving health outcomes and increasing the efficiency of the health care system through better communication between health care professionals and the diverse communities they serve.  We invite you to visit our website and contact us for more information,

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