Health Information Literacy: On the Front Lines

The following was posted in the MidContinental Region News.

EDUCATION: Breezing Along with the RML -Wed. July 20, 2011 10:00 Mountain Time, 11:00 Central Time Two topics::

Health Information Literacy: On the Front Lines

Please join the July 2011 Breezing Along with the RML online webinar and hear from a panel of experts as they discuss how they incorporate health literacy into the work they do in oral health, HIV/AIDS, and community outreach. Confirmed speakers include Anne Ryan-Haddad, Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice, Creighton University; Lisa Cohen, HHS Region VIII, HIV/AIDS Regional Resource Coordinator; Jeanette Flannery Courtad DDS, Colorado School of Mines and author of  “Toothful Tales: How We Survived the Sweet Attack;” and Andrea West, Director of Curriculum and Research, International Parish Nurse Resource Center.

Each panelist will discuss the following:

  • Why health literacy is important to the populations they are working with
  • Discussion of their project(s)/populations
  • What they perceive the impact of health literacy on project outcomes/populations to be
  • How libraries/librarians can be engaged in these kinds of projects/community outreach

URL: Equipment: connection to the Internet and a phone, Login: as a guest with your first and last name. Instructions to connect to the audio will show up once you’ve logged in. Captioning will be provided a few minutes before the hour. Questions to (mm)

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