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The following is a recent post to the BHIC Blog.


Advancing Choice and Control for People Living with Disabilities
New Online Resource Center Launches to Advance Participant-Directed Services and Promote Independence for People Living with Disabilities
A new Web site, ParticipantDirection.org, offers a guide for policy-makers and advocates seeking to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.  This comprehensive site, from the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services at Boston College (formerly the Cash & Counseling national program office of RWJF), provides information on how individuals can direct their personal care services to best meet their needs.

  • Interactive map.  This new mapping tool allows participants and advocates to easily find out what programs and services are available in their state.
  • Expanded library. NRCPDS has developed a searchable database of readiness reviews, presentations, issue briefs and more.  Web resources from Cash & Counseling will also be featured on the site.
  • Video features. Learn about participant direction first hand through compelling personal stories in the video series.
  • Join the Network. Become a member of the growing number of participants, representatives and caregivers who are part of the National Participant Network. [RWJF Content Alerts]

Traumatic Brain Injury Training
The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) has posted its first interactive training module, “Traumatic Brain Injury: An Overview.” This module offers a clear, quick, interactive means of introducing personnel to the topic of TBI and its impact. To complete the module visit http://cbirt.org/resources/interactive-learning-modules/module-tbi-an-overview The module takes only 15 minutes to complete. CBIRT will send a certificate to anyone who completes the module, takes the survey console quiz and receives a score of 80% or higher. [Update from the BIA-NE]

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