Harry Potter in PubMed

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The following was posted on the MCR-MCMLA [mcmla-l@listserv.kumc.edu] by Siobhan Champ Blackwell.

Harry Potter And The Well Of Medical Research: World of Hogwarts Frequently Mined For Studies
By WILLIAM WEIR, bweir@courant.com
The Hartford Courant
July 8, 2011
Who knew the world of Harry Potter was such a rich source of material for medical researchers? For more than a decade, the phenomenally popular series has provided grist for studies on topics ranging from genetics to social cognition to autism. PubMed, an online database of medical studies, lists 30 studies that invoke the young wizard – “Harry Potter and the Recessive Allele,” “Harry Potter and the Structural Biologist’s (Key)stone,” even “Harry Potter Casts a Spell on Accident-Prone Children.” [scb]

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