Lists of 10 things for Patients

The following was posted on the BHIC Blog.

10 dumb things you do at the doc’s office
By Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent
Talking on your cell phone in the examining room, forgetting what medicines you take and lying to your doctor about your personal health habits are all ways of compromising your health. “The doctor-patient relationship is like a business partnership,” Rankin says. “We need to work together. Trust me to guide you but be willing to do your part.”[REFORMA]

Questions are the Answer
Clinicians, the Government, and many other groups are working hard to improve health care quality, but it’s a team effort. You can improve your care and the care of your loved ones by taking an active role in your health care. Ask questions. Understand your condition. Evaluate your options. (See the list of 10 questions you can ask at your next healthcare appointment)

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