Healthy Roads Media Site Adds More Resources

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by Gail Kouame

“Healthy Roads Media (HRM) has several new health information resources available:

1. *Mobile website (beta)* ( –  The mission of Healthy Roads Media is to explore ways that information technology can be helpful in providing health information access to hard to reach populations – especially low-literacy and/or non-English speaking persons.  This new beta mobile website is a first attempt at providing some HRM web content in a website optimized for smart phones.  Any feedback would be appreciated!

2. *DVDs* ( – Much of the free on-line video content from the HRM website is now available on DVDs that can be duplicated for patients and/or staff.

3. *Handouts* ( – English and Spanish handout versions of the text of the 800+ health topic introductions that the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus program have been developed.  These one page handouts can help provide patients with basic information on many health topics. They may be helpful for those looking at implementing the free MedlinePlus Connect system in meeting patient education meaningful use requirements as part of EHR implementation.  These handouts will be updated every six months.

4. And *Bedbugs*! ( – Basic information, in English and Spanish, about how to deal with this increasing problem.”

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