Books for Children – Topic: Sexual Abuse

A question was recently posted on the CAPHIS listserv (, asking for recommendations of books which would be helpful for children on this topic.   The following titles were suggested by listserv members.

Not in Room 204:  Breaking the Silence of Abuse by Shannon Riggs (Author) and Jaime Zollars (Illustrator)  Hardcover: 32 pages                                                         Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company (January 1, 2007) ISBN-10: 0807557641                                                             ISBN-13: 978-0807557648

My Privates Are Private by Stacey Honowitz and Jordyn Brenner (Dec 3, 2009)                                                          Publisher:     Dog Ear Publishing, LLC                                          ISBN:     1-60844-281-0                                                                ISBN13:     978-1-60844-281-2

Chrystal’s Castle by Mi-Leing; 2007                           Publisher:     Lulu Enterprises Inc.                                              ISBN:     1-4303-2242-X                                                              ISBN13:     978-1-4303-2242-9

Mia’s Secret by Peter Ledwon and Peter Ledwon (Illustrator) and Marilyn Mets (Illustrator)                                                        Publisher:     Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group                  ISBN:     0-88776-801-6                                                           ISBN13:     978-0-88776-801-9

Catie the Caterpillar: A Story to Help Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse by Tracy M. Schamburg and Melanie Ellis Riley (Illustrator) 2006                                                          Publisher:     Liguori Publications                                              ISBN:     0-7648-1434-6                                                                    ISBN13:     978-0-7648-1434-1

Sam Speaks Out by Linda Sky Grossman and Petra Bockus (Illustrator) 2002                                                                     Publisher:     Second Story Press                                                      Country of Publication:     Canada                                              ISBN:     1-896764-57-6                                                                    ISBN13:     978-1-896764-57-3



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