Call for posters and Presentations for Health Literacy Iowa Conference

Health Literacy Iowa

Creating a Shared Vision for Health Literacy in Iowa

Health Literacy Iowa & New Readers of Iowa Conference
Health Literacy in Iowa:
Partnering to Change Research into Practice
Friday and Saturday – April 13-14, 2012
Call for Presentation and Poster Abstracts
Abstract Submission Deadline: January 15, 2012, Midnight CST
Health Literacy Iowa and the New Readers of Iowa invite competitive presentation and poster abstracts to be submitted for our 2012 Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. The National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy and Iowa’s healthiest state initiative underscore the need for best practices and evidence-based health literacy knowledge, tools, and resources to be disseminated and translated into broader implementation to make measurable improvements in health, health literacy, and quality health care. This conference, Health Literacy in Iowa: Partnering to Change Research into Practice, is a key strategy to generate action throughout the state by mobilizing, catalyzing, modeling, and disseminating health literacy work in Iowa. Conference aims are to:
  • · increase working relationships among Iowa’s diverse stakeholders in the field
  • · generate collaborative ideas for application of health literacy-based strategies and interventions among new and existing partners
  • · translate these into actionable initiatives for evaluation and replication
  • · enhance understanding of how health literacy is fundamental to the transforming health care environment; making Iowa the healthiest state in the nation; high quality, safe, patient-centered care; and reducing health disparities
  • · increase applications to federal agencies and other funders
  • · demonstrate and mobilize application of health literacy strategies in emerging areas including pediatrics, people with disabilities, population-based and public health, and partnerships with adult learners
  • · share effective models for catalyzing implementation.
Proposal Topics and Categories
The Conference agenda is organized around and seeks contributions in all the following areas:
Day 1 – Iowa Responding to the National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy
  • · Break-out Sessions -1-hour morning sessions repeated twice: Health Literacy in Iowa-featuring Iowa-specific health literacy projects and initiatives
  • · Topic-specific Break-out Sessions – 1-hour afternoon sessions, repeated twice: providing opportunities to more deeply explore thematic dimensions of health literacy such as various groups (e.g., pediatrics; people with disabilities; cultural, racial, and ethnic groups; health professions students), health care delivery interventions, and improvement strategies
  • · Evening Poster session: Iowa Putting Health Literacy Into Action-highlighting Iowa-specific health literacy projects, and state and regional health literacy initiatives
Day 2 – Achieving break-throughs in action by focusing on tools and partners
  • · Quick Connection 20-minute morning presentations to optimize exposure to health literacy tools and their application, inspire participants and advance them along the continuum of behavior change through highlighting tools and their application, and inviting participants to envision deployment in their setting to help overcome obstacles to and jump-start implementation
  • · 30- to 60-minute afternoon presentations: building capacity of adult learners to become leaders and spokespersons for adult literacy and health literacy issues in their communities, promote adult learners and health professionals working together to improve health communication, and activate new readers in managing their health
Submission Guidelines
Submission: Competitive presentations or posters should be submitted in abstract form with up to 500 words of text (abstracts exceeding 500 words will not be considered).
A cover page should provide the following information:
1) Title of the presentation/poster
2) Names, degrees, and affiliations of all presenters/authors
3) Contact information for the lead presenter/author, including e-mail, phone, and mailing address
4) Response to each of the following (these do not count toward the 500-word limit of the abstract):
  • · How your presentation/poster links to the National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy
  • · Description of implementation of or an application for your content (i.e., not just theory)
  • · Actual or potential Iowa-specific application of your content
  • · A tool or hand-out attendees can take away and use to apply your content
  • · One specific aspect of your presentation that will be used to assess how attending your session impacted attendees’ intent to or actually change behavior
5) Whether you prefer your abstract be considered for a break-out session only, quick connections session only, poster session only, or any of these options
Presentations in the formats described abovewill be presented during the designated sessions.
Postersallow presenters to discuss their work with colleagues in an informal setting. Presenters/authors must be available for discussion during the poster session.
HL Iowa may request an alternative presentation format or session, depending on the volume of proposals and available space.
Prior Publication Policy: Content that has been published or presented elsewhere prior to the time of presentation at the 2012 Health Literacy Iowa and New Readers of Iowa Conference may be submitted for consideration.
Submissions should be sent electronically to (put “2012 Health Literacy Iowa Conference Proposal” in subject line).
Deadline for receipt of electronic submission for paper/poster abstracts and panel proposals is January 16, 2012, midnight Central Standard Time.
Notification of acceptance will be sent electronically by February 17, 2012.
About Us – Health Literacy Iowa’s mission is to promote and facilitate the ability of all Iowans to use effective communication to optimize their health. Health Literacy Iowa is leading Iowa’s response to the National Action Plan and contributing to making Iowa the healthiest state in the nation. Without health literacy, people are limited in their ability to find and use health information, adopt healthy behaviors, and act on important public health information. By improving communication and participating in innovative programs, Health Literacy Iowa is working to make health information understandable for everyone, and helping make all Iowans healthier.
Meeting Information – The Conference will be Friday and Saturday April 13 and 14, 2012, in Des Moines, Iowa.
For Questions: Contact: Ryan Raether at (515)-471-9787 – or Barb Savage (515)-556-9676 – Check the HL Iowa website or “Like” us on Facebook: to see updates on Health Literacy Iowa and the Conference.
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