Two New Health Literacy Papers

The following was posted on the HealthLiteracy listserv.

Please check the Health Affairs’ web site for a new paper on health literacy and health policy by HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh and other HHS colleagues. (You should be able to access this article for the next 2 weeks even without a Health Affairs’ subscription. The article will appear in their print journal in early February.)

Also this week, the Institute of Medicine Health Literacy Roundtable released a discussion paper on the Attributes of a Health Literate Organization. This brief paper is based on the Roundtable’s November 2011 workshop on the same topic.

Both papers represent a major step forward for health literacy issues as a part of mainstream health policymaking.

Cynthia Baur; U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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2 Responses to Two New Health Literacy Papers

  1. bonniezink says:

    Thank you for sharing these two very important and informative papers. I found the first (policy) to be of interest. I am currently researching developing health literacy programming for health practitioners working in Saskatchewan, Canada. The second (discussion paper the benefits of being a health literate organization) provides a concise and applicable check list (table) on the competencies involved in becoming a progressive organization that understands and promotes the importance of health literacy.

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