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Plain Language Widget and App

The following was posted on the BHIC Blog. http://www.lib.umich.edu/plain-language-dictionary The Plain Language Medical Dictionary widget is a project of the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library as part of the Michigan Health Literacy Awareness project. To use, click on … Continue reading

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2011 Maine Health Literacy Summer Institute

“Attend the 2011 National Health Literacy Summer Institute This is the premier opportunity to learn plain language skills to plan, write, and design effective, accessible information for print and web. This Institute has been sponsored by the University of New … Continue reading

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New Health Literacy Resources

Toolkit for Making Written Material Clear and Effective http://www.cms.gov/WrittenMaterialsToolkit The Toolkit for Making Written Material Clear and Effective is a health literacy resource from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This 11-part Toolkit provides a detailed and comprehensive … Continue reading

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Easy To Read Medical Terms

A question was recently posted on the CAPHIS listserv asking about a resource to define medical terms.    Peg Allen; Owner/Consultant at Health Knowledge Consultants identified the following resource.    Peg said: “Last week, University of Michigan Taubman Medical Library … Continue reading

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Newly Revised Health Literacy Special Collection

Through a posting this morning, Julie McKinney, the Health Literacy List Moderator, announced “…I am excited to announce that the Health Literacy Special Collection has been completely updated and expanded and is now up online with an expanded focus and … Continue reading

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One of the Most Valuable Resources…

One of the most valuable resources in understanding the many issues of  HL is the Health and Literacy Discussion List , moderated by Julie McKinney;  Health Literacy List Moderator; World Education jmckinney@worlded.org I save the postings to review and reflect … Continue reading

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Health Literacy — Professional Resources

Follow this link to Health Literacy information on the following topics: Consultants/Speakers; Plain Language Resources; Easy-to-Read Resources; Organizational Resources; and Training Resources… http://www.methodistcollege.edu/currentstudents/library/library_detail.asp?PID=15&PCID=46

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