Reflecting on the Library’s Heritage and Looking Toward the Future!

This will be the last post for this blog, as I am retiring effective today.     This blog will go static and a new blog goes on line tomorrow at

This year, marks my 40th year with Nebraska Methodist College.    It is comfortable for me to leave a very fulfilling career.    Providing library services for the students, faculty, staff of Nebraska Methodist College, the employees and physicians of Methodist Health System and the patients and family members of Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center has been a privilege!

The span from 1972-present has been an experience of great change in the library resources and services we have provided.

  • The 70’s was a time when we combined Methodist Medical Staff and Methodist School of Nursing book and journal collections.  Print indexes were used to find journal articles.    The Library was located at Methodist Hospital, 3rd floor, South Tower.
  • The 80s was the time when the Methodist Hospital Foundation and Mrs. Marion Moritz established a learning resources endowment in the name of John Moritz, resulting in the naming of John Moritz Library.     Print materials still predominated. The Library was moved to Methodist Hospital, 3rd floor, North Tower.    A contract was written to provide library services for Childrens’ Memorial Hospital.
  • The 90s brought the establishment of a patient/consumer library at Methodist Cancer Center.    Technology became the word of the decade through support for purchase of staff workstations, public access workstations, MEDLINE and CINAHL on CD, full automation of the library holdings for the College, JE Hospital, Richard Young Hospital, Methodist Cancer Center and Jennie Edmundson Hospital; initial development of the Library’s web pages.
  • The next decade brought great movement in the use of online databases through multiple vendors.      Our focus moved toward providing access to e-journals and e-books.    It was also a decade of physical movement with yet another relocation for the Library to 3rd floor, NMC’s campus at RYC, early in the decade.    Consumer Health Library Services were established.   Staff planned for library facilities for the  new campus and we moved to our new home in December, 2006 – opening for business in January, 2007.
  • The decade beginning in 2010, brought a discussion of the Learning Commons concept in Spring, 2010.   Approval for construction was granted in Winter, 2010.     Construction started in Spring, 2011 and completed in the Summer.   Services for the Charlotte Schultz Learning Commons began with the Fall Semester, 2011.     This decade brings access to additional e-journals and e-books and significant weeding of print resources.

Were there challenges through the years – definitely?      Were there blessings – definitely – too many to count?   Many memories of co-workers, students, patients and community go with me.

Many have asked me what is planned during the next chapter of my life.    The first thing on my list is enjoying being home at “Angie’s at the Lake” and planning some travel adventures later this year.    Most importantly – it is time to fulfill the rest of my life purpose.     God’s purpose for each of us is unique and I am excited to see where He will take me next!

My passion for health information literacy awareness will continue to be supported through writing a new blog.    Please let me know if you are interested in subscribing by adding a comment at the end of this post.

My heart is linked with several ministry partners in our North Omaha community – Omaha Street School, Good New Bears and Compassion in Action.     The first two organizations serve children and youth in this community.   Compassion in Action provides renewal and restoration for felons both during incarceration and upon release.    Another important focus of CIA is the emotional and practical support of children and caregivers of these men and women.     I look forward to working more closely with these wonderful ministry partners – encouraging them and providing support in whatever way possible.    The senior pastor with my church made this comment when he learned I was retiring, “I know it can be a truly “missional” experience!”   He is right and I can’t wait to experience the adventures and surprises God has planned for this next chapter of my life.


Angela Arner, BA; CHIS Specialization awarded by the Medical Library Association; Library Associate; Nebraska Methodist College — The Josie Harper Campus; John Moritz Library; 720 N. 87th Street; Omaha, NE. 68114

ýLibGuides:  Anatomy & Physiology

CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Cancer – Information for the Consumer

Child/Youth Health – Information for the Consumer

Cultural Health — Information for the Consumer

Culturally Competent Care for Specific Populations


Health Care Issues (Information for the National Debate)

Health Promotions Management Program

Health of the Adult – Information for the Consumer

Improving Health Information Literacy

Public Health

Senior Health — Information for the Consumer


Looking for Answers?  @sk Your Medical Librarian: Your Key to Quality Information

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