Variety of Resources

The following was posted on the BHIC Blog and comes from a variety of sources.

After Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools
Evidence-based programs for school districts and private school
associations designed to address serious childhood and adolescent distress and prevent suicide.

Care Transitions: “Time to Come Home” (Policy Brief) (pdf file)
Examines care coordination with a focus on the transitions from
inpatient care back to the rural community and suggests ways of
measuring the quality of care coordination on discharge from the

What is Rural? (pdf file)
Defines what rural is, using the U.S. Census Bureau’s census tract
based definition and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s
county-based definition. Highlights rural counties in Iowa.
Organization: Iowa Department of Public Health

Food Desert Locator
Offers an interactive mapping tool to view census tract-level statistics
on population groups with low access to healthy food, plus related
information on food deserts (low-income neighborhoods with high
concentrations of people who are far from a grocery store).

The Health and Resources Initiative for Veterans Everywhere
(THRIVE) is designed to provide outreach and services to vulnerable
and underserved veterans, including rural and homeless veterans.
THRIVE online is a collaboration between Stanford University and
the VA Palo Alto Health Care System to provide videos of rural
health experts, rural Veterans, and outreach workers, plus fact
sheets, a searchable database, and articles on palliative care.
[Rural Assistance Center Health Update]

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